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Land offers both opportunities and challenges. Sometimes weighing possibilities and getting started can be the hardest part. We’ve created the Woodland Advocate Program to help landowners take advantage of the opportunities – and tackle the challenges – of managing woodlands in southwestern Wisconsin. Our Woodland Advocates are your neighbors that have experience in caring for their own land and want to answer your questions. At this time, the Woodland Advocate Program is only being offered in Richland County.
What is a Woodland Advocate?
They advocate (or represent) YOUR interests! Tell them your ideas and interests and they will do what they can to find the information and resources to help you be successful! Learn more about your local Woodland Advocate here.
What’s in it for me, the landowner?
You don’t have to go it alone. A friendly and knowledgeable neighbor can connect you to resources and information. Advocates help to further your goals. The Woodland Advocate Program will benefit you, your family, our community and the beauty and productivity of our woods.
How do I connect with a Woodland Advocate?
If you are interested in working with a Woodland Advocate, contact us. Next, your Advocate will contact you at a convenient time to set up a time and place to meet, such as a café, library or your land. The first step is to learn about you and your property. Understanding you and your property is the best way for your Woodland Advocate to help connect you with the information and resources you need.
What if I don’t know anything about my land or what I want to do?
No problem. Together, you and your Woodland Advocates can learn about your land and develop ideas for you to consider. They have experiences and stories to share about how they got started and work they have done to improve their own land.
How can a Woodland Advocate help me answer technical questions?
If your questions are technical, your Woodland Advocate can connect you with a professional forester through the My Wisconsin Woods partnership. Our foresters have extensive field experience in many aspects of land ownership such as, wildlife, water quality, trail development, invasive species, timber and more.
What happens if we involve a forester?

The advocate will work with the forester to set up a time for the three of you to do a walk-through of your woods. The forester answers your technical questions and points out possible opportunities and challenges on your land. Your Woodland Advocate is there to support your ideas, ask questions, restate understanding, and share personal experience. The forester can develop a short summary of the walk-through to capture the conversation, and your Woodland Advocate can go over the report with you..


Click here to contact us about participating in the Woodland Advocate Program.

Click here to learn about your local Woodland Advocate.