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Funding Deadline October 3rd, 2014! Don’t miss your chance!


Funding is available for plan writing and practices: contact your local county Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) agent and ask how EQIP funding can save you money.


Plan writing is the highest priority for funding – guaranteed.

NRCS funds 75% of typical plan. Funding is based on acreage in the plan.

Check out these funding examples


Already have a plan? Funding is available for many practices!

Meet the Winkleplecks - Landowners who beat the deadline.


Contact your local NRCS agent and ask about EQIP funding for woodland plan writing and practices



Oak Wilt Watch

 Oak Wilt                     "Current                    Forester
We’ve partnered with My Minnesota Woods to keep you up-to-date on the current oak wilt risk status. Oak wilt fungus spreads two ways: below ground when infected roots connect with healthy roots (root grafts), and above ground by beetles that carry the fungus to healthy trees and infect open wounds. Watch for brown and dying leaves in mid-summer as this is a good indication that your woods might be infected with oak wilt. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) recommends not pruning, cutting or wounding oaks from April to July to avoid the spread of or introduction of oak wilt in your woods. If you suspect that you have oak wilt, contact your local DNR forester. For more information about oak wilt, contact us or download the Oak Wilt Management-What are the Options publication.