Timber Harvesting

Should I harvest my trees?

Piles of sawn logs

Whether or not to harvest trees is one of the tougher decisions a landowner has to make. Below we answer some critical questions about harvesting, including how much your timber is worth, the types of harvests to embrace (and those to avoid), and most important: how a timber harvest can advance your values.

Should I harvest?

Decisions about whether or not to harvest your trees, as well as how to harvest them should you choose to go ahead, are ones that can — and should — relate to your values. Read more

How do I manage for oak?

Oak species are critically important to wildlife, but oak is disappearing across southern Wisconsin. What can you do to help? The tough thing for many landowners to accept is that they may need to cut oak trees down to secure oak’s future. Read more

How much are my trees worth?

The value of your trees is defined by the types of products that can be made from them, the people who may want to buy them, the species of tree, and the volume and grade of lumber they produce. Read more

What’s the difference between a forester and a logger?

Caring for a woodland often requires assistance from both foresters and loggers. Learn what each has to offer and what to expect when working with them. Read more

Do I need a management plan?

A forest plan not only helps with the sustainable production of timber, but also with improving wildlife habitat, enhancing recreational opportunities, controlling invasive species – or really anything that’s important to you. Read more in our Healthy Woods section.