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  • Monthly E-Newsletter

    Stay connected and up-to-date with our monthly e-newsletter – Woodland News You Can Use. Our writers make sure you’ll have fun learning about serious stuff, including wildlife habitat, invasive species, tree health, and much more! Be the first to learn about important opportunities, events, and financial assistance deadlines.

  • My Healthy Woods Handbook – Physical Copy

    Healthy land provides nearly everything you and your family need and want – beauty, wildlife, recreation, food, and fiber. Sustaining healthy land guarantees these benefits will be around for future generations. Increasingly, healthy land depends on our care of the land. We wanted the handbook to be easy-to-read, informative, and inspirational. The handbook covers many topics of interest and is written in non-technical language. We used landowners’ images, stories, and quotes to inspire your thoughts and actions. We hope that after reading the handbook you see new opportunities to care for your land!

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