Taxes and Finances

Can I reduce my taxes, get financial help?

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Clean water and air, healthy soil, abundant wildlife, productive timber. These shared values of landowners and society are in everyone’s best interests. That’s why many agencies and organizations offer money, technical expertise, and tax incentives to ensure land is well-cared for.

Is assistance available for conservation practices?

Removing invasive species, controlling erosion, or even just writing a forest management plan can be expensive. Fortunately, a number of county, state, and federal program exist to help pay for the costs of implementing land care and conservation practices on your property. Read more

What resources are available for improving wildlife habitat?

Many financial assistance programs will share the cost of maintaining or enhancing wildlife habitat as part of a larger conservation plan. But certain grant programs also focus on threatened and endangered wildlife. Read more

How can I reduce my taxes?

Woodlands are subject to some of the highest property taxes in Wisconsin, but there are definitely ways to reduce them. Read more

How can I protect my land long-term?

As our landscape rapidly changes, more and more landowners are sensing that their land, and the stories and memories that go with it, may be lost. This is why many seek ways to protect their property legally in the long-term. Read more