Healthy Woods

How do I keep my woodland healthy?

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Whether people own forestland mainly for timber production, hunting, birding, or mere beauty, their top questions often revolve around how to keep their woods healthy.

What types of woods and wildlife do I have?

One of the first steps in caring for your land is knowing the type of woods, or natural community, you’ve got. Read more

How do I attract more wildlife?

Seeing wildlife is what many landowners say they enjoy most about their land. But attracting birds and mammals with specific habitat needs often requires managing your land in certain ways. Read more

What are invasive species and how do I control them?

Invasive species are unwanted plants or animals that can invade your woods and displace native species. Over time, they can significantly change your land and reduce your forest’s health. Read more

What’s important for water quality?

The water quality in streams reflects the land’s overall health. And yet, while a dirty stream is easy to spot, diagnosing the underlying causes in the larger landscape is often much harder. Read more

Should I burn my land?

Prescribed fire can be a very useful tool for improving wildlife habitat, restoring natural communities, and meeting other goals. But conducting a prescribed burn safely requires training and experience. Read more

Do I need a forest plan?

If you think that commercial timber producers are the only people who need a forest plan, think again. Plans can benefit all kinds of woodland owners. Read more