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That’s why we’ve made this one-stop rendezvous for every click-able resource you need—now! From sign-ups for upcoming online classes, to archives of past events, to libraries of videos and presentations designed to help you manage your woods, you’ll find it from this page. And we’re always updating and adding fresh content, so stop back often to see what’s new!

Recorded Online Classes – Learn About Your Land

Enjoy one or all of these online classes conducted by delightful, insightful professionals, designed to give you the knowledge to put your unique signature on your woodland.

Your Wisconsin Woods Video Series

Your woodlands offer so much, but also need your care. This video series is about deepening your relationship to the land. The benefits of owning woodlands will enrich your experience now and for years to come.

Dive into this series, where we explore wildlife, controlling invasive species, foraging for food, engaging expert advice, considering the long-term future of your land, and much more.

Archive – Facebook Live Events

No worries if you missed one—you can watch it now. We’ve gathered all of these helpful webinars so you can catch up anytime!

Special Archive – Oak Workshop

Do you have oaks to manage in your woodland? This series is for you, diving deep into topics such as oak ecology, wildlife, invasive species, prescribed fire, programs, tree planting, and harvesting. Presentations include real examples and explanations of practices you can use to steward your healthy oak population.