Your Wisconsin Woods Video Series

What do you value about your woods?

Wildlife? Hunting? Firewood? Quiet walks?

If you are curious about what other benefits might exist or have nagging concerns, this video series is for you.

Woods offer so much, but also need your care. This video series is about deepening your relationship to the land. We want the benefits of owning woodlands to enrich your experience now and for years to come.

Please enjoy this series as we explore wildlife, controlling invasive species, foraging for food, engaging expert advice, considering the long-term future of your land, and much more.

Enjoy the show!

An Introduction to Your Wisconsin Woods

Is My Property Healthy?

Most people look at their land and–because it is green–assume it is healthy.

Some obvious signs of woodland health include native plant species, minimal tree disease, and presence of tree seedlings and saplings. Take a closer look at your woods. Do you have enough sunlight hitting the ground to allow native wildflowers and tree seedlings to flourish? Are invasive species threatening? Sometimes, it is the simple passage of time that threatens your woods the most. Important wildlife species like oak and hickory depend on disturbances like fire or windthrow to provide enough sunlight for their seedlings to prosper.

As you watch this video, consider if your woods are healthy.

Goods From Your Woods

Believe it or not, your woods provide an abundance of goods for your family. Berries, maple syrup, morel mushrooms are widely appreciated among landowners, but what about ramps, brakes, and figured wood? This bounty is like your own secret treasure to discover and enjoy with your family and friends.

Befriend A Forester

Whether you know exactly what you for your woods or still developing ideas, expert advice is valuable. Each county in Wisconsin has a forester available to visit your property, listen to your needs, and provide recommendations–free of cost or obligation. Many landowners wished they’d invited an expert to their property years before they did and describe it as their “aha” moment.

Return on Investment

What are my trees worth? Most landowners want the answer to this question, even if they don’t intend to harvest trees. Of course, the answer is–it depends. Every woods is different for reasons of tree species, quantity, quality, accessibility, among other factors. Your local, County forester can help you answer this question and provide recommendations for further exploration. They offer property visits free of cost or obligation.

Space Invaders

Invasive plant species represent one of the greatest threats to the health of your woods. Native plants and trees struggle to compete with these invaders and without active measures, our values for wildlife diversity, hunting, foraging, beauty, and much more, can be lost. The woods of today needs your care to be protected from the threat of invasive species.

Go Wild In Your Woods

A diversity of wildlife call your woods home. You may focus on game species like deer, turkey, and ruffed grouse, or non-game species like songbirds and butterflies. Through active measures to enhance or change wildlife habitats on your property, all of this diversity is available to you and your woods.

Land As A Legacy

Sewn into the fabric of the Wisconsin countryside is a strong conservation ethic–care and admiration for their land. Our society celebrates families that have successfully passed land and this ethic through their generations. What’s the legacy of your ownership? Find out what you can do to develop your legacy as a landowner and shape the future after you are gone.

Are you ready to learn more about your woods?

Find your local service forester and schedule a free property visit.