Property Visit

Forester with landowner family

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Are you getting what you want from your woods?

Walk your woods with your local Forester

What’s important to you? Scenic beauty? Attracting wildlife? Healthy trees? Your values and land together represent your unique potential – revealed during a walk in the woods with your forester.  Like your family doctor who cares about you and your lifestyle, your forester cares about you and your woods.

Your local Forester will walk your woods, listen to your values, and answer your questions. Following the visit, you’ll receive a summary of your woods walk outlining actions to achieve your goals. 

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The forester allowed me to see the potential of the land. He also made me less worried.

Lee Bushmaker, landowner

A walk in the woods with a forester is an educational opportunity to learn about the many benefits of caring for your woodlands. It’s FREE with no further obligation or strings attached

It turned out to be exactly what was promised. The forester was well-informed, knowledgeable, patient and interested. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about my woods, and for free too!

Kathy Swanson, landowner

We know woodland owners need guidance to see opportunities or identify issues of concern. Foresters can spot invasive species and tree diseases on your property and know when to involve a specialist. Like your doctor – your forester works to find the right approach for you.

I wanted advice about controlling invasive plants. The forester came out, listened to my concerns and worked through the problem with me. I’ve shared this information with my neighbors.

Dave Oelfke, landowner

Your local Forester can also offer you financial assistance through programs that help you care for your land.