What migratory birds are returning to my land?

Meadowlark on a fence post
Eastern meadowlark

By Daniel Schneider, Grassland Bird Specialist, UW-Madison Department of Forest & Wildlife Ecology and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Wildlife Research

Birds have unique preferences for food, shelter and safe places to raise their young. It is these preferences that drive them to a particular habitat. Look for these habitats on your property and the birds that use them!

Forest Habitat: Scarlet Tanagers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Wood Thrushes, Broad-wing Hawks and warblers (American Redstart, Pine Warblers, Black-throated Green Warblers).

Grassland and Savanna Habitats: Red-headed Woodpeckers, Savannah Sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks, Bobolinks, Dickcissels and Upland Sandpipers.

Marsh Habitats: Ducks (Blue-winged Teal, Mallards), Herons (Great Blue Heron, Green Heron, Great Egret), Common Yellow Throat, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Swamp Sparrows and Yellow Warblers