Emerald ash borer: stay away from my woods!

Emerald Ash Borer on a Penny

EAB or the emerald ash borer has been in the news a lot – and for good reason. It kills every ash tree it bores into regardless of tree size, health or age.

Over 50 million ash trees across the Midwest are already dead or dying because of this pest. In Wisconsin, we have more than 770 million ash trees at risk – or 7% of the forested landscape. Do you have ash on your property?

 To protect your woods simply follow the 25-mile rule: raw wood products (especially firewood!) coming to your property should be from within 25 miles. Minimizing the distance wood travels is the best way to ensure your woods are protected from EAB and other harmful forest pests. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same – it can protect their ash trees too!

The 25-mile rule works for summer camping trips too! Collect or buy firewood within 25 miles of where you will be using it. 

Additionally, no wood can travel outside infected (quarantined) counties. Know which counties are quarantined.

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