“The sign” is recognition landowners deserve!

John and Sally Ouellette

One of the perks of ATFS is its recognition program. Annually, Wisconsin tree farmers are selected to represent their county in a district competition and then a statewide competition. From the state winners, four Regional Outstanding Tree Farmers are selected and one national winner is named.

John and Sally Ouellette have been managing their property in Richland County since 1971. They were named Wisconsin’s Outstanding Tree Farmers of the Year in 2010.

Originally intending to hunt on the property, John first planted trees because he knew it would attract wildlife. Building trails, erosion control structures, and water management were added eventually. All of these align with the core values of ATFS, before John was aware of the program or part of it.

A passion for the land and wildlife, a desire to learn and do more, and connecting with professionals who could help led John and Sally to the state award in 2010.

You could be the next Wisconsin Outstanding Tree Farmer! Learn more about the program or contact Shirley Bargander, Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee Administrator, with questions about the program.