Invasive to Watch: Japanese Hops

Japanese Hops

What is Japanese hops? This fast growing vine can grow over 35′ in one year! Its stems are light green to reddish and covered with rough hairs. Don’t be fooled – these hops are not good for brewing beer!

Why is it a problem? The thick and dense vines are capable of toppling over trees, crowding out desirable species and prohibiting regeneration. The invasive is an annual, with new plants emerging from the previous year’s seed dispersal.

What can I do? Hand-pulling, mowing or cutting are effective means of control. The vines grow rapidly so steady monitoring and re-cutting is needed. Chemical treatment (foliar treatment of glyphosate) is also an option before the plant produces seeds.

Japanese hops was first discovered in Wisconsin in Crawford county and is spreading throughout the Driftless. Help track the spread – if you spot it, report it.