Burn Permits Free, Focus on Safety and Communication

By Ralph Sheffer, Fire Operations Specialist, WI DNR

Conducting a prescribed fire requires training and experience. Private contractors are available to conduct a burn on your land. Regardless of who helps you with your burn, it is necessary to secure a free permit from WI DNR or local authorities, such as local fire department or township. The permit process prompts planning and preparation before the match is lit, better ensuring the protection of life and property in the pursuit of healthy fire-adapted plant communities.

Private landowners are able to conduct prescribed fires on their own land after obtaining any necessary permits. However, your right is also your responsibility! If your fire escapes and starts a wildfire, you may be responsible for all suppression costs, and can also be held accountable for any injury or loss of property incurred as a result. Start your planning and preparation with a call to your local forester.