Stump The Chump: Which Resprout Is Best?

Oak resprout
A young oak re-sprouted from the root crown of a tree stump.

Most people think of seeds when they think of tree regeneration. However, trees have other strategies, like stump sprouting.

When the above ground portions of a tree die or are cut, new tree shoots sprout from the root collar, or crown; the mid-stump; and/or the top of the stump.

After a timber harvest there’s an opportunity to see all three types, often on the same stump. Three to five years post-harvest it’s recommended to prune competing sprouts in favor of the best resprout.

Which resprout offers the best tree regeneration for the future?

A. Root crown resprout

B. Mid-stump resprout

C. Top-stump resprout

The correct answer is A! Root crown resprouts are the best for regenerating your tree. Root crown resprouts are closest to the ground making them more stable as the stump rots. Also, the root crown resprout is more isolated from the decaying stump and less likely to contract disease. Remember it: Crowns are for the best.