Are You One of 2016’s Action Heroes?

Tell us about a land care action you took in 2016 and receive a free wildlife phenology calendar

wildlife-phenology-calendar-2017-coverYou purchased your land to care for and enjoy. We’re asking you to reflect on and tell us about a land care action you took in 2016.

In return, we’ll send you a FREE 2017 Wisconsin Wildlife Phenology Calendar.

What To Do

Send us an email at describing an activity or activities you did in 2016 to improve the health of your land. This could be constructing a new trail, controlling erosion, planting trees, pulling invasive species, or something else.

In your message, please include the type of activity, why you chose it, how it went, and if you would do it again. Don’t forget to include a mailing address to receive your calendar.

We’ll summarize the responses and share them, so that you can learn what other landowners have done to take care of their woodlands. We will not share or publish any personal information without permission.

What Is Phenology?

The Wisconsin Wildlife Phenology Calendar has been very popular with landowners who like to follow and record the timing of natural events each month. This practice, known formally as phenology, is the study of periodic plant and animal life-cycle events that are influenced by seasonal changes in the environment.

Skunks emerging from winter dens, sandhill cranes trumpeting their return, and seeds ripening are all examples of annual phenological events. Phenology is derived from the Greek word phaino meaning to show or appear, indicating its principal concern with the dates of first occurrence of natural events in their annual cycle.