The Story of One Family’s Forest

For as much as everyone’s woodland is different, the values and the lessons learned are often similar. One Family’s Forest follows a family and the land they deeply loved. They overcame challenges as they strived to keep the family farm they all cherished intact for future generations. Their lessons can help other landowners maintain the health and productivity of the land for the long haul. Get your free copy!

“Slowly, Henry worked his way up the hill from the creek. It was a warm day in April, and he could feel the temperature rise as he climbed. He remembered seeing that creek for the first time 47 years earlier when he and Rebecca were looking to buy the farm. They hadn’t paid much attention to the woods, being more concerned about the fields, barn, and house where they hoped to make a living and raise a family. “The farm has been good to us,” Henry thought.

The 38-acre forest had never been cut since Henry owned the land, partly because the slope from the ridge to the creek was steep, but mostly because Henry liked the woods and worried that logging would destroy it. It was here on the west slope, that he and Rebecca would walk hand in hand, listening to the great-horned owls in winter or chorus frogs in spring. Soon he thought, we’ve got to decide how to deed this property to the kids. He and Rebecca had lain awake many nights discussing how they might keep the farm intact, yet be fair to all three children.”  – an excerpt from One Family’s Forest

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