Host a Trail Cam for Snapshot Wisconsin

Snapshot Wisconsin is a volunteer-based wildlife monitoring project utilizing a network of trail cameras. The project recently launched statewide and is looking for additional volunteers.

The goals of the project are to provide data needed to make wildlife management decisions and to get the public involved in natural resources through hands-on learning. Adrian from Bayfield County shared, “Over 80% of Wisconsin is private land, but the wildlife that uses those lands belong to all of us. Those of us lucky enough to own wildlands will want to be good stewards of that land and the wildlife it supports. Programs like Snapshot Wisconsin can help us learn about the wildlife using our land and allows us to contribute to statewide wildlife conservation efforts.”

A trail camera captures a romp of otters.
A romp of otters scampers along a grassy trail.

Interested in hosting a camera on your property? You can sign up at The requirements include basic computer skills, internet availability, and access to private or public land of at least 10 contiguous acres. Volunteers are asked to stay in the project for at least one year and check the camera at least once every three months. Free training and supplies are provided to accepted applicants, no prior experience with trail cameras is necessary.

You can get more information on the project webpage, or visit to view and classify images captured on all the project trail cameras.