Financial Assistance for Storm-related Damage to Your Woodlands

Woodland owners that experienced damage to their woodlands during the July storms can apply for financial assistance for tree planting among other practices. Applications to this emergency allotment of funding will be processed immediately to expedite practices in response to the storm. You are responsible for approximately 50-percent of the cost of the practice with the financial assistance covering the other half.

Funds have been set aside within the Wisconsin Forest Landowner Grant Program (WFLGP) or “wiffle gap” as the program is often referred. The emergency declaration expedites the implementation of needed practices to increase successfully reestablishment of woods while decreasing value loss of timber or addressing insect, disease, and invasive species.

Important:  Applications need your DNR County Forester to affirm your situation or area qualifies for emergency funding. If you think this financial assistance opportunity is right for you, contact your DNR County Forester for more information. Find your County Forester here. More on the WFLGP program can be found here.