Reforestation – Is It In Your Plan?

Tree planting might be on your list for any number of reasons – for wildlife habitat, erosion control, regeneration of natural resources, aesthetic beauty, or carbon sequestration. Whatever your motivation, there are programs that provide assistance to landowners who aim to plant trees for conservation purposes.

Courtesy of WI DNRThe Wisconsin DNR state nursery offers seedlings of native species at bulk rates through their annual tree seedling and shrub sale. A minimum order of 1,000 tree seedlings, 500 shrubs, or a packet of 300 trees or shrubs is required. The annual sale opens each October and continues into spring until the stock is sold out. Delivery of seedlings happens between April and mid-May.

Plus, landowners with a forest stewardship plan in place are eligible for up to 50% cost-share through the Wisconsin Forest Landowner Grant Program (WFLGP). All seedling customers should have a planting plan, too. County Foresters are ready to assist landowners in the process. To begin, use the online tool and then contact your Country Forester for additional guidance. They can even help you access equipment and tools for planting!

Tree species include from cedar, balsam fir, jack, red, and white pine, black and white spruce, tamarack, aspen, basswood, river, white and yellow birch, black cherry, hackberry, shagbark hickory, red, silver, and sugar maple, bur, red, white, and swamp white oak, black walnut. Shrubs available include red-osier and silky dogwood, American hazelnut, Juneberry, ninebark, and American plum. A full listing and current stock, ordering instructions, and frequently asked questions are available on the DNR website.

For more information on how to reap the rewards of tree planting, review our article on the four P’s necessary for success!