Psst! The 2021 Phenology Calendar is On Sale!

As it turns out, the most important date to note in your 2021 phenology field book is…right now!

We’re not exactly sure how that works, but absolutely sure that this annual wall-hanging treasure from The Aldo Leopold Foundation carries on the rich scientific tradition of Aldo Leopold himself. From childhood through the decades of his life, he kept scrupulous track of hundreds of key events in nature—sproutings, bloomings, hatchings, arrivals and departures. Every season, every day is a thrill in the cycle of change and renewal.

If you can’t always get out to watch the action, the snappy notes and beautiful photography of the 2021 Wisconsin Phenology Calendar will bring the daily goings-on right into your home or office. Fair warning: every year we hear far too often from frowning folks who waited to place their order, then supplies ran out. 🙁 Don’t be those folks. 🙂

Learn more about phenology by reading, Keeping Track: Frequently Asked Questions About Phenology.