Tips for 4 Common Fall Projects

The number of hopeful projects for landowners always seems infinite, but each fall presents an opportunity to check something off the seemingly never-ending list.

Here are four common projects and some helpful tips.

1. Cut and stock-pile firewood
The real power of a chainsaw is in what tree you decide to cut. Dead and downed trees make great habitat and can be some of the most dangerous to fell. Clearing select live trees allows sunlight necessary for oak regeneration. Not sure what to cut? Take a walk with a forester for advice.

2. Combat invasive species
Many invasive species stay green longer than their native counterparts, making fall a particularly good time to spot and treat them. Learn how two control methods, basal bark and cut-and-treat, can help tackle woody invasives.

3. Trail creation or maintenance
Fall weather is perfect for trail building, but have you considered the three critical traits of trails? Do you know how to calculate the slope to ensure its stability hillside? Planning is essential to creating a stable, functional trail you can enjoy all four seasons of the year.

4. Hunting your land
While maybe not a project, it is still a time-consuming endeavor, albeit one of pleasure, and one that requires knowledge of your property’s boundaries and your liability as a landowner. Marking boundaries can be especially helpful if others plan to hunt your property too. It’s also recommended to chat with your neighbors and make them aware of your plans.