Virtual Field Days Help You Manage for Sustained Wildlife, Environment, and Timber

The Tree Farm Virtual Field Day 2020 was very…2020, AND is now an online treasure of resources for Wisconsin woodland owners who plan to up their management practices of sustainable woods that benefit environment, animal, and landowner. During this summer of the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing, the usual large Filed Days gathering was out, so a series of seven videos produced by Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee, was shot on the farm of Chuck Pogorelcnik, 2019 Tree Farmer of the Year. You’ll learn from Chuck’s powerful example the benefits of improved road systems, how to achieve your timber goals over time, protecting and attracting pollinators, working with neighbors, and much more.

Watch the series now (below) or bookmark this page and return when the time is right. Enrich your coming years of woodland ownership from a few simple clicks today.

Who is Chuck Pogorelcnik?


Creating a Road System That Nurtures and Pays!


Active Management To Achieve Your Top Woodland Goals.


Learn to Bring In the Pollinators.


Collaboration With Neighbors is Key.


Create Wildlife Habitat; Shear the Alders.


Protecting the Water!

Learn More about the Wisconsin Tree Farm Committee and Meet the 2020 Tree Farmer of the Year!