DNR Now Hiring Forestry Technicians in Rhinelander, Wisconsin!

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Division of Forestry is recruiting to fill 4 Limited Term Employee (LTE) Forestry Technicians at our DNR Service Center in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. The deadline to apply is midnight on February 6th, 2023.

These entry-level positions will work on a wide variety of forestry projects within the Division of Forestry, Forest Ecology and Economics section. Current projects are diverse and highly collaborative, focusing on research and application of science to forest ecology and management, which will provide the successful applicant many opportunities to grow and develop a varied skillset. Research within the section could include but is not limited to: an assisted migration study in collaboration with the USFS to determine viable climate change mitigation techniques, a study to test methods for enhancing old-growth characteristics to northern-hardwood forests, a study of deer impacts on forest regeneration, and a collaborative study to determine the effects of mycorrhizal associations on forest health and small mammal communities.

Work could include forest assessments, tree and plant species identification, study plot establishment, small mammal trapping, deer browse assessments, and tree seed collection. The successful applicant should be in good physical condition, able to handle daily hiking with gear in a variety of conditions. There are 4 positions available based out of the Wisconsin DNR Forestry Headquarters in Rhinelander but will require extensive travel across Wisconsin. Anticipated start date is 4/23/2023, but this is negotiable.

Job Duties:

90% – Field Observations and Tasks

– Forest understory and overstory assessments

– Data logger deployment and maintenance

– Long term project infrastructure maintenance

– Long term project establishment

– Small mammal surveys

– Deer browse assessments

– Seed collection

10% – Administrative Tasks

– Data entry and management

– Equipment maintenance

Salary Information:

$19.00 / hour

A minimally qualified applicant will have:

– Education and/or experience in Wisconsin tree and shrub identification

– The ability to navigate using a GPS, map and compass

– Experience using Microsoft Office products (Excel, Outlook, Access and Word)

– Experience with data entry and management

– Excellent attention to detail

Preferred qualifications include:

– Experience in chain saw use

– Excellent organizational and problem-solving skills

– The ability to work independently as well as on a team

How to Apply:

For more information, including instructions on how to apply, please see the job posting in full here: https://wj.wi.gov/8914