Women’s Chainsaw Safety Workshops in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Are you a woman looking to build your chainsaw skills and boost your confidence in handling this powerful tool? Look no further! UW-Madison Extension, the MN Women Woodland Owner’s Network and Dovetail Partners, Inc., are excited to offer a series of empowering chainsaw safety training workshops specifically designed for women. These workshops aim to equip participants with the essential knowledge and skills to safely and confidently operate a chainsaw.

These workshops will be led by experienced instructors and cover crucial aspects of chainsaw safety, from personal protective equipment (PPE) to safe cutting techniques. Whether you’re a complete beginner or seeking to enhance your existing chainsaw skills, these workshops provide a supportive and educational environment.

1. Ashland, WI Workshop

2. Webster, MN Workshop

3. Ely, MN Workshop

These workshops emphasize safety, empowerment, and skill development. The workshops cover PPE, safe practices, felling techniques, hands-on practice, and more.

Register now to secure your spot and take a significant step toward becoming confident and skilled in chainsaw operation. Join us in these empowering workshops and contribute to the enhancement of woodland habitat protection and restoration in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Bonus Workshop Hosted by The Forest Stewards Guild