Facebook Live Events

Enjoy these past Facebook Live events hosted by UW- Extension Forestry. Topics covered include the Snapshot Wisconsin program, the benefits of cutting trees, 8 documents all woodland owners need, and an introduction to invasive plants.

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5/12/20: Snapshot Wisconsin

Snapshot Wisconsin is a program that reveals what wildlife are in your woods and allows all of us around the state to experience that as well.  During the class they discuss the benefits of participating in the program and how you can sign up.

5/7/20: Benefits of Cutting Trees

This online class describes the reasons why you might want or need to do a timber harvest and how to go about that. They discuss how a timber harvest helps to achieve your goals for your woodland and what a forester is considering when evaluating your trees.

4/28/20: 8 Documents All Woodland Owners Need

This class will walk you through important documents you need to have, whether you just occasionally visit your forest for recreation or are actively managing your forest.

4/21/20: Invasives Plants Identification and Control

A forester answers your questions about invasive species along with other topics regarding your woodland.

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