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Large oak treeWe are partnering with WoodsCamp and others to provide Wisconsin landowners – You! – the best information and support.

My Wisconsin Woods is a partnership of public agencies and private conservation organizations serving the needs of woodland owners. To offer you convenience. To build your confidence to act. To help you “do the right thing.”

Take, for example, landowners’ appreciation for wildlife.  Hunting, viewing, rare sightings – wildlife provide endless enjoyment for woodland owners.  But what does wildlife need?

Oak woods provide food, shelter and a place for wildlife to have their young. Oaks produce wildlife. But, oaks are in decline across the Driftless. Disease and uniformed harvesting methods are resulting in dramatic declines for oak.

My Wisconsin Woods is calling on landowners to help protect the future of oak by actively managing for oak trees.

How do I manage for oak?

What are other landowners doing for oak?

How can I stay updated on the latest landowner information?

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