Oak in the Driftless Workshop Presentations

Oak in the Driftless Workshop

Nearly 200 landowners and professionals gathered on September 29th, 2018 at the Oak in the Driftless workshop in Baraboo to discuss many topics around woodland management. The morning sessions covered topics such as oak ecology, wildlife, invasive species, prescribed fire, programs, tree planting, and harvesting. The afternoon field tours offered real examples of the information and practices presented in the morning sessions. The morning presentations are now available to download below.

You can read more about oaks and woodland management right here at My Wisconsin Woods, or request a free copy of our landowner handbook, My Healthy Woods.

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Morning Presentations

Oak Ecology

Wisconsin Oak Ecology: Nate Fayram, Southwest Field Ecologist, WI DNR. Oaks are a shared resource important to people and biodiversity in the Driftless, but what makes oak so special? Explore with Nate all the many benefits of oak communities, including native plants, wildlife, and rare species of conservation concern.

What do Oaks Need to Grow? Brad Hutnik, Forest Ecologist/Silviculturist, WI DNR. In order to grow, oaks require certain conditions. Learn why oaks are vanishing across western Wisconsin and how you can help oaks survive and thrive in your woodlands.


To Harvest or Not to Harvest? John Nielsen, Private Forester/Landowner, Nielsen and Nielsen Forestry LLC. Learn about the mechanics of selling & harvesting timber to promote oak; including site evaluation, what & how to cut, the timber sale process, and post-harvest follow-up.


The Wildlife in Your Oak Woodlands: Nancy Frost, Sauk County Wildlife Biologist, WI DNR. From frogs to deer, learn what species of wildlife can be found in oak woodlands, and how you can find them in your woods.

Managing Habitat For Birds and Other Wildlife: Yoyi Steele, Former Important Bird Area WI Program Coordinator and Mike Mossman, Retired WI DNR Forest Community Ecologist. Learn about the critical connection between wildlife and habitat, what to consider when setting management goals, and how you can accomplish them.

Managing Your Land for Deer and Turkey: Rick Horton, Former Regional Wildlife Biologist, National Wild Turkey Federation. Learn why oak woodlands are important for deer and turkey. Rick will share tips to increase acorn production, regenerate oak trees, and other ways to attract and hold deer and turkey on your land.

Deer Impacts on Oak: Don Waller, Professor of Botany and Environmental Studies, UW-Madison. An overabundance of deer in an area can have negative impacts on the plants and trees especially oak. Learn how Don is conducting research to monitor the impacts of deer and how they can help inform deer management decisions on your land.

Invasive Species

Introduction to Woodland Invasive Plants: Kelly Kearns, Terrestrial Invasive Plant Coordinator, WI DNR. Not sure what invasives might be lurking in your woods? Learn how to identify common invasive trees, shrubs, and vines and how they impact the health of your woods.

Winning the Race for Resources: Brandon Bleuer, Forester, Southwest Badger RC&D. Whether its buckthorn or honeysuckle, or maple or ironwood, both non-native and native shrubs, and trees can out-compete oak for resources. Learn how these competitive conditions develop and how you can help oaks get a leg up on the competition by learning about different invasive control methods.

Planning for Success: Dr. Mark Renz, Associate Professor, and Extension Weed Specialist, UW-Madison. Ready to tackle that invasives problem, but not sure where to start? Planning is the key to success. Learn how to develop a plan to tackle invasives on your property and be successful.


Peers, Programs, and Professionals: Jen Simoni, My Wisconsin Woods. Taking care of your woods is hard. Knowing what to do, where to start, and who to contact is even harder. Jen will introduce you to resources, landowner organizations, financial programs, and professionals so you don’t have to go it alone!

Focus on Financial Programs: Kristin Lambert, Private Forestry Specialist, WI DNR, and Chris Miller, Sauk County District Conservationist, NRCS. Have a management plan and looking to take the next step? Learn about the state and federal programs that help cover the costs of a variety of management activities and how you can apply for financial assistance.

Management Planning

Making a Plan for Your Woods: Dylan Bell, Columbia and Dodge County Forester, WI DNR. What is a management plan and why should I get one? Join Dylan as he takes you through how developing a management plan for your woods can help meet your woodland goals and the steps required to get one written.

Timber Value

What Are My Trees Worth? John Withers, Forester, Meister Log & Lumber Company. Trees have many values; however, the monetary value of a tree is determined by four factors. Learn what factors affect the value of your trees.

Prescribed Fire

Prescribed Fire – Is it a Good Tool for Your Land? Ann Calhoun, Baraboo Hills Project Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy and Brad Hutnik, Forest Ecologist/Silviculturist, WI DNR. Learn how fire can be used as a tool to help meet your woodland goals. Ann and Brad will discuss considerations for deciding if, when, where & how to utilize fire on your land.

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